Monday, 10 January 2011

TEN stand award TEN won the Blueprint Award at 100% Design. TEN have teamed up with author Tim Parson on a book recording the five exhibtions at 100% Design since 2006. Check out the TEN Plan website where there is now a donation function. (

Design East with E&Y in Oaska Studiomama's Pallet Project is on show in honarabal company with Enzo Mari.

Urban Farming by Gestalten features my Outdoor kitchen The book will be released in Spring 2011

Beach Chalet is featured in Low Price Houses by Chris van Uffelen and Atlas of World Interior Design also published by Braun

Trestles at Turnpike Gallery Branch Out trestles shown at Lab Crafts at the Turnpike Gallery. 26 designers and makers selected by curator Max Fraser showcasing digital adventures in contemporary craft. Fraser who also curated a movie introducing how digital laboratories can support craft minded people. A list of makers and touring schedule are shown at Lab Craft website. (

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