Monday, 10 January 2011

Starfest Christmas Installation for Andaz Hotel Curated by Libby Sellers

In the spirit of all things festive Andaz Liverpool Street commissioned studiomama to create winter-scape in the main entrance of the Hotel, for December. With curatorial guidance from Libby Sellers, Andaz invited Nina Tolstrup to create a variation on her mobile Outdoor Kitchen which was launched during London Design Festival 2010. Replete with preparation areas, hob and oven, Tolstrup’s revised mobile Christmas cart served freshly baked cookies, mince pies and warming drinks throughout the day and filled the Hotel with abundant Christmas aromas and became a spot for guests and visitors to gather and share the festive spirit. Nina also created an array of wooden star-shaped decorations to adorn the Hotel’s voluminous entrance atrium. Keeping with Tolstrup’s responsible design approach, the star decorations will be made from humble wooden off-cuts that would otherwise have been scrapped.